Re: Problems, Part Two

10.06.2001 is still pants.

And it's not coming back, apparently.
So we've removed our link from the side of the page, hung up the fish, put out the sun, and rolled up the ocean and all that good lot that accompanies the regrettable happening.

We were hopeful that they would come out at some point and say, "Oh, hey, and by the way, we're discontinuing the external content because we were afraid of having you sue us for putting your content in our frameset," or "because we got complaints that with too many choices people became confused quickly and spent hours trying to figure out what content they'd like on our/my site," or "we blame you, you, for us losing the browser war! It's all your fault and we're taking away your external content now! So there! Maybe next time you'll think differently about it!"

For the record, we've not received any notice from them explaining why, exactly, they removed external content from their site, and we really can't be bothered any longer. Which is too bad, considering AOL now considers Netscape a portal-based business, and not a browser one, any longer (catching up, to some degree, to the rest of the world's perception, finally).

So we're done with it. And I'm sure they're crushed.

Now, if, on the odd chance, they do come back to us, sending round a pimply faced intern with his dodgy Californian accent begging, pleading us to put our link back up because they've reinstated external content providers (otherwise the request seems a little ridiculous), we might consider it, but only if he arrives bearing gifts. Like bucketloads of cash.

Otherwise, the saga is over. We'll grant you, this wasn't the most titillating saga. So un-titillating that you might be inclined not to call it a saga at all. And you probably weren't at the edge of your seat for the bulk of the time, unless you happened to be getting out of your chair when suddenly you got a severe leg cramp and were unable to move either way without putting yourself in excruciating pain, and weren't offered any help around the office because at first you were attempting to save your dignity and come out of the cramp on your own, and when that failed and you solicited help from around the office no one believed you were stuck on the edge of your seat in such a fashion, and were left to sit there in agony for days on end until someone finally either bumped into you accidentally or actually helped you off your seat.
But still, when things are a bit mundane you know how it goes...

Forget, download for your site today!

Technical note: This version is currently only available as a tcl application, and plugs in just fine, we presume, to Vignette Storyserver or AOLServer (AOLServer bearing little relation to the people screwing up past the fact that it runs the bulk of their servers). Email for help integrating it into either of those two products or on your own site.

A Cocoa version for Mac OS X will be available soon.