Things I've Learned

Fire exits are not necessarily all that important. In the grand scheme of things. The one that doesn't include fire.

In the one that includes fire they're marginally important, but only if you're standing inside. And the building happens to be on fire.
And you're of the disposition of wanting to leave. (Which, I would grant, would be quite a few of you, though there's always the situation in which you might have been cooking, perhaps after just having been accused of being a horrible cook, to the point of burning anything you touched, and, lo and behold, the building sets fire, and you'd really rather not deal with the abuse you're going to get by going outside.)

But in other schemes, they're generally unimportant, and more than likely going to prevent someone from adding an extra bookshelf, a nice plant, or a fully-stocked bar to a room.

If the first grand scheme exists because you haven't gotten 'round to discovering fire, there's no need to feel ashamed, especially if not discovering fire has allowed you to find a decent bookshelf.

If you've just been busy playing computer solitaire and thinking up pick-up lines you know you're never going to use (oh come on, now, stop fooling yourself, you're not going to get the courage up to saunter over to someone, lean up against some thing suitable for leaning suavely on, flick your hair back with one hand while flashing some sort of smile, and ask them if they hadn't happened to have any inclination in joining you for a quick snog outside. Especially not after eighteen cups of coffee or so you have to drink to work up the nerve. It's all going to end very, very badly, and you should banish all such thoughts of using such a line from your head, as it's obviously been conceived not within sight of any such person that might be approached with such a line. Neither are you ever likely to have the presence of mind to use such a line which you've spent all that time dreaming up if, by some miracle, someone you'd imagined yourself using the aforementioned chat-up line on wanders by, sad, but true. At least get outside and look at a few people you might theoretically be approaching (or lazing about, if they come by you) and try and tailor something that fits the general social mien.), then you possibly should be slightly embarassed, and try to get out and get a nice bookshelf as soon as possible.
For the most part, however, someone should have discovered it for you, already, and has probably also already put in the fire exit, and labelled it, just for your convenience.

This page is not, in any way, responsible for you getting on with members of the opposite sex. Or any sex.
It is also not responsible for you having watched too many sappy movies in which the hero courts the heroine (or vice versa, or whichever way you have it) with such a line as you may have prepared, and gone off, wonderfully successful, and the repercussions of such on your own Life, especially when your Life seems not to be accompanied by a bittersweet soundtrack that ends on an upbeat note.
Not even, sadly, if it's on the fire escape that the big reconciliation scene takes place. Ah well.

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